Losing data, making backups

I deleted a bunch of data using the rm command, thankfully, a happy coincidence made my pain a lot more bearable

I’ve been playing around with my psp a lot more often these days. I actually finally made my CFW permanent, after the blog I did about the software and tools I have on my device. However, a single command almost ended it all for me.

As always, my hobbies come in waves, and this is no exception. I recently had added a bunch of new roms and isos to my psp, and I had also started to back them up in my Raspberry Pi server. I was doing this in many ways, via the user interface, using a file manager and also via the good old terminal, which proved to be the best, as expected.

Maybe three weeks ago, I decided to do a full backup of my PSP folder, since I didn’t trust my microSD card enough. The folder contains pretty much everything important to me: savedata, homebrew files, emulators, and of course, games. I backed everything up to my server using rsync without any problem.

Recently I wanted to do some cleaning up of unused games and launchers I had made, and I decided to delete some folders. You see, using the game categories plugin for my PSP lets me create, well, categories, that show up in my PSP game list. Since all of my categories have the CAT_ prefix, I pretty much just did rm -rf CAT_ and used Tab… The terminal is too powerful for me sometimes…

I ended up deleting my Emulators folder, which contained the emulators I listed on my what’s on my psp post, as well as all my games, my save files and config.

So, if it wasn’t because my past self decided to create a backup out of this, I would be emotionally in shackles.

I did lose some hours of Metroid Zero Mission, Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga and also some recently added romhacks like A Link To The Past Redux and EarthBound Redux. Thankfully, it really wasn’t that bad, in the end it was only a couple bossfights and some upgrades that got lost.

I am so glad I didn’t delete my PSP’s SAVEDATA folder though, now that would make me cry.

Do your backups people.

This is day 58 of #100DaysToOffload


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