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Hello! I am Joel, you are visiting my personal blog. Here you can see some of my thoughts and ramblings about tech, gaming and my hobbies. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Latest blogs

How I lost two dogs in two days
I have been free from school for a while already, but life is still going. Somehow, I managed to lose two dogs, but there is a happy ending.
📅 2021-07-24 🏷️ life | blog | school |

Babysitting dogs and a Black Widow mini review
For the first time since the pandemic started, I went to watch a movie. I also had to take care of a house, some dogs and a chicken farm
📅 2021-07-12 🏷️ lifestyle | blog | ramble | personal | movies | review |

Redesigning my Website's Stylesheet
I decided to leave Simple.css behind and do something even simpler, debloated and still elegant
📅 2021-07-07 🏷️ webdev | coding | design | ramble | blog |

My games and projects

Deep Into the Volcano

Deep into the Volcano cover art
My entry for Ludum Dare 48, a simple game with two levels where you try to escape the Lava coming towards you!
Play on itch.io

Swap Die Repeat

Swap Die Repeat cover art
For my first game jam! A 2D puzzle platformer made with Godot, swap characters until you die! (but you should try to avoid that)
Play on itch.io

Cliff Hanger

Cliff_Hanger's cover art
Yet another A 2D platformer, but you have to complete the levels in 12 seconds or less, how? By stopping time!, somehow...
Play on itch.io

Only Spaceship

Only Spaceship's cover art
A rushed out game that is kinda wonky and broken. A spaceshooter where you survive as long as you can! Until its too unfair.
Play on itch.io


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