The Hobby Cycle

There is a bit of a thing with me that has evolved as times goes on. I love learning new hobbies, but I also can't avoid rediscovering my love for old ones, but lately its been a little crazy and it looks like each day I am doing something different.

I’ve always been a very active person, I can’t be quiet for more than a few minutes, unless I find myself in an ideal environment.

It all started with just basic fidgeting of pencils, rubberbands or paper. As a kid pretty much any of those things would do to keep me calm, even today honestly.

I was going to talk about the story of how I learned each of my hobbies and stuff, but honestly each of them could be a whole article by themselves. So I will just mention this fun fact about me which you may already understand with the title.

Each year, or perhaps even every season, I tend to rediscover a hobby once more, be it magic, origami, retrogaming, speedcubing and even some subsets of them too. You may remember a time where I kept spamming pictures of origami in my social media feed, and even added a new section for it on my website. Well, as you can see by now, I’ve not really uploaded any new pictures of new models. Right now I got into playing on my PSP again, specifically Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. So I am not really back into gaming, I am more into a specific game.

I also brought my deck of cards with me yesterday for a bit to see if it sticks again. But I realized I can’t really force that stuff. Eventually I’ll come across some interesting video or news that pulls me back into that hobby.

I kinda feel like this semester has been kinda wild, I said to myself that I need to have the best grades of my whole career, and its almost as if my brain translated that as “try to go back into as many hobbies as you can and try to keep up with school too”.

So yeah, this usually happens naturally as I consume content or meet new people who happen to be into the same thing. I expect game development to make a comeback one of these days, but I still don’t know how to predict whats coming next.

I know for sure that my current main hobby is gaming on my PSP though, I hope I can finish my game before I get interested in something else. Manga has managed to stick around for months now, but maybe I’ll lose interest at some point too, but I expect this one to not go away as soon as others that require manual work, practice and stuff.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for today. I also started journaling since I want to write without thinking much, I won’t follow any particular format since I don’t want to have stuff that would only make me resist and procrastinate doing it. Wish me luck!


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