What games will I play anyway?

So, I have the Miyoo Mini Plus, and I have games, and I've restored some save files, and I put more games, and cover art, but what am I even playing on it?

This is a summary of the games I am planning to tackle first on my Miyoo Mini Plus, some of them are new, others I have played, some I will continue, others I will start from scratch!

My top 4 games according to the Activity Tracker app
My top 4 games according to the Activity Tracker app

The first one is Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga for the GBA, this was one of the first games I tested and it made me fall in love with the system, it looks so good, colorful and crisp. I had a savefile with 25 minutes or so and I decided to just keep going on it. The moments have been fun so far and the battle system remains as fun as ever! The fact that I have vague memories of what to do helps me speed the process quite a bit, which makes the whole thing a breeze as of now, I’m making steady progress thus far and I hope to finish it very soon.

Another gem of the GBA, is Advance Wars, a tactics RPG that has been on the top of my Play Activity for a while now. The game is pure strategy and I am going through all of the tutorial stages as of now, I only need to do another 5 levels or so, but it is incredibly fun and addictive. I really wish there was an Into The Breach demake for the GBA though.

Final Fantasy VII is another I plan to continue on the device. Last time I played it on my PSP, it got stuck during a cutscene, and I couldn’t get past it in any way, so I ended up just not playing the game. I also bought the Switch version that comes bundled with FFVIII, but a friend of mine borrowed it, and I think I’ll be fine completing the game here.

Suikoden II is a game I played for 9 hours or so on my PSP, and I plan to continue playing it as well! The game looks incredible, I really wish there were more games on the PS1 with such wonderful 2D graphics combined with 3D and high-res effects, it holds up perfectly to this day. I am also playing a patched version that has some nice QoL features and bugfixes, I hadn’t experienced any to be honest, but it doesn’t hurt to have it.

Another games I want to resume are Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Metroid Zero Mission, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon, be it Crystal, Emerald or whatever. And of course, start another run of Chrono Trigger, because I have to, it is my duty!

From then on, my plan is not really set yet. I think I’ve put a little too much choice in my hands now. I have been playing Apotris, a Tetris clone that has a really clean interface and playstyle, which makes it perfect for the MM+, I think I’ll look for a demake of Lumines as well, to have a couple of more puzzle games to play around.

Now, when it comes to games I’ve never played, there are quite a lot! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night seems like something I have to give a go to, there’s also Koudelka, a very rare survival horror JRPG game of which I saw some reviews and moments, I was surprised by its superb voice acting and direction, although its combat seemed average, I still want to play through that story. Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain is a game I remember seeing a friend play as a kid, and I was amazed by it, I really want to give it a go, and the same goes for the MediEvil games.

I also really want to play Mother 2 (Earthbound) and Mother 3, Bahamut Lagoon, Trials of Mana, the Golden Sun duology, Vagrant Story, Aconcagua and many others!

Let’s just say there are quite a few entries I need to add to my backgloggd profile

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