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So, after I finished the main reason I started this blog, I am now looking for new ways to inspire myself, and maybe write and expand ideas I never got the chance to do before

Now that I am done with #100DaysToOffload, I was a little confused as to what to write about, now that I don’t have a reason to write something quick and constantly, I have felt a bit more inspired to do a different kind of writing. Nothing too serious, but maybe more personal and planned.

Not once during the previous year did I wrote something that took me more than a day to publish. There were no drafts, no evolution, I just typed what was on my mind and focused on having a decent amount of words. I did not explain things in depth, I did not use perfect grammar, I just wrote, and honestly, I will still do that to a certain degree.

However, I feel like I should add more substance to each post. Another thing I wanted to have is focusing on a certain topic during multiple blogs. Something like what Benjamin Hollon is doing with his Digital Citizenship series, right now some of my ideas would be “videgames that actually changed my life”, “hobbies I got into and why”, and revisit other ideas I wanted to expand such as game development, more android shenanigans, and things.

At the same time I would also like to create simpler posts such as Hund’s monthly links, as well as monthly reviews of my media consumption, app usage, habits and such.

I wanna do some cleanup too, right now I have tags that I assign to each post I write for this blog, but I want to get rid of a few that are kind of repetitive, I still have to think of a way to organize everything and try to find a way to automate it somewhat, since I don’t want to have to change every single post just to delete a tag. Or maybe I just leave it as it is, whatever.

Also, I have to work on a new way to finish each writing, I am not bad at concluding things, at least when it comes to school projects, but I got pretty used to just going with “This is day X of #100DaysToOffload” whenever I felt like I had nothing else to add. Speaking of which, I will not do another round this year, because ending in February feels kinda meh, I’ll just post normal blogs until next year arrives and then I’ll consider giving it another chance!

So, that’s it for the moment, I hope you read me later!


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