Website changes, Flexbox and stuff

I decided to do a bit of a change on my website for once, and this is how its gone so far

If you are reading this from an RSS feed you may not notice the amount of changes my website has gone through in the past couple of weeks.

A series of events happened that somehow made me think I really should dedicate a bunch of time to modifiying my website structure once again.

I am not quite sure of what exactly triggered me to do this, but there are many things that made me keep going at it until today. Among them is sickness, and boredom and—Yep, pretty much that.

Last month I was PenPals with Kev Quirk and we exchanged quite a few emails, there I mentioned wanting to make my site more colorful and the like. I didn’t go that far just yet, but since Kev preferred a light mode, as well as many others, I decided to add one for my site.

I had a light theme months (maybe more than a year) ago, back when I was just using SimpleCSS with some colors changed and minimal changes. At some point—probably just to save some bytes of data or some random reason—I decided to get rid of the light colors and left the site with my dark Tokyo-Night based color theme. Regardless, it is back now for those who may need it! I am not the biggest fan of it, but it works well enough now—I think.

Another change that I made quite recently was trying to go for a more semantic use of HTML. I usually used <div> elements whenever I wanted not much, but more than I actually needed. This time I decided to go for a more proper approach. Still making use of them when necessary, but not as much as before. Thanks to Jekyll, just by modifying the base layouts I already had 99% of the work done, and only a some pages had to be changed by hand.

I created some new bits to make my site a bit flashier too, thanks to Flexbox I modified my homepage, my blogroll and my booklog to fit more content and have it wrap nicely.

Finally, inspired by the site Noisy Deadlines, I also went ahead to something I used to have before, which is a Monospace font! My personal choice this time around is IBM Plex Mono, its been a favorite of mine for quite a while and I quite love its italics.

Anyway, feel free to look around the site, I also added some breadcrumbs to the top section, right under the header, a move inspired by Benjamin Hollon’s site, that has gone through some changes as well recently!

Sorry for the delay between posts, as I’ve mentioned, I was a bit sick, and I am still a little bit. So, I am delayed with my writing, with work and also some commissions from my Ko-Fi page, so if you requested one from me, please have patience, I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

This is day 21 of #100DaysToOffload


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