So, OpenAI ChatGPT is a beast, it really is. This is the process I used to make my homework with it!

Doing my Homework with AI

I’m a student in Mechatronics Engineering, and like many of you, I sometimes struggle with my homework assignments. Recently, I had a particularly challenging assignment that involved working with G code and implementing the nearest neighbor algorithm to find the shortest path through a set of coordinates. It was a daunting task, but with the help of the OpenAI assistant, I was able to complete my assignment and learn a lot in the process. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience and show you how the OpenAI assistant can help you with your homework too.

The nearest neighbor algorithm is a simple algorithm that can be used to find the shortest path through a set of points. The algorithm starts at a given point and chooses the point that is nearest to the current point as the next point in the path. This process is repeated until all points have been visited.

cat code.g | grep G00 | grep Y | awk '{print $2, $3}' | sed 's/X//g ' | sed 's/Y//g'

The OpenAI assistant was a lifesaver! It provided me with a Python code snippet that was exactly what I needed to extract the coordinates from the G code file. The code was a breeze to use - just give it the G code file, and it’ll read each line, find the x and y coordinates, and spit out the results like a champ. It was like magic!

Next, I needed some help with implementing the nearest neighbor algorithm in Python. I turned to the trusty OpenAI assistant, and it didn’t disappoint! It provided me with a Python code snippet that used the scipy library to implement the algorithm. Just give it a list of points, and it’ll rearrange them in the order in which they would be visited by the nearest neighbor algorithm. It was like having a personal tutor by my side! Thanks, OpenAI assistant!

Finally, I asked the OpenAI assistant how to plot the coordinates and their path using the matplotlib library. It provided me with a Python code snippet that used matplotlib to plot the x and y coordinates as a line plot. This was exactly what I needed to visualize the data and complete the assignment. I was so grateful for the help of the OpenAI assistant - it truly made my homework a breeze!

Overall, I was impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the OpenAI assistant. I was able to use the code snippets provided by the assistant to complete my homework assignment and learn more about working with G code and the nearest neighbor algorithm. Thanks, OpenAI!

Making a blog post with AI

But what really impressed me was the assistant’s ability to help me write a blog post about my experience in a fun and engaging manner. It was able to take my dull and boring sentences and turn them into lively and interesting prose. Thanks to the OpenAI assistant, my blog post was a hit and I was able to share it with my friends.

If you need help with your homework or just want to write a fun blog post, I highly recommend giving the OpenAI assistant a try. It’s an amazing resource that can help you learn and succeed. Thanks, OpenAI!

Let’s write a bit to conclude

Did you notice it? I didn’t write a thing up until now!

Guys, this is insane. I actually did all of the things I mentioned and now I got a blog post generated for free for me!

How cool is this? How freaky? This is a game changer. Seriously. I am so scared and so excited to play around with this thing. I wonder how many people noticed the weird writing style. Funnily enough I was able to tell the assistant to reword some things and avoid mentioning other bits. It had a weird obsesion with mentioning how my professor was impressed even though I haven’t even shown him this code yet.

Anyway, I am so impressed and I will be back sometime soon. I will fully write the next post myself though, trust me.


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