Trying to use my PSP as a PC controller

After acquiring Hollow Knight and Axiom Verge, I was struggling to move around just with my keyboard, so I went ahead and found about some PSP software to fix that

If you, like me, don’t really have the money to spend on a proper controller, but you do have a PSP console and a mini USB cable laying around, you might want to know about this little piece of software known as FuSa Gamepad.

The website that hosts it is still up and running, despite showing a bit of age, you should be able to download it from there.

I discovered this homebrew a few years ago, back when I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite online making use of the now dead EvolveHQ service (A VPN of sorts) and also Hunsterverse, but I had no use for it up until recently.

I was trying my best trying to defeat a boss in Hollow Knight, which I recently acquired, and found myself unable to move quickly enough. I know I am better using a controller, so I went ahead and used this, and, while I knew it worked fine on Windows, I was quite happy to see that it also works perfectly fine on Steam.

I tried it in other games with mixed results, so I guess I’ll have to figure out some more stuff, or maybe just switch to a distro more focused on gaming, I feel more and more tempted by the day, but I want to stay on Void for a little longer.

Anyways, this post is just a quick write up on a fantastic tool I think more people should know, I think I should talk about some other PSP homebrew, sadly, a lot of it is not open source and probably abandonware, since the PSP hacking scene died a while ago.

I think, however that there are still quite a few things being developed for the PSP, besides the already huge library of games and emulators, I think even stuff like Doki Doki Literature Club have been ported to it, and you can also setup a Minecraft server on it!.

So yeah, the PSP is not only a great emulation gaming machine, its also a pretty decent PC controller, at least when certain games properly support it, or maybe its Flatpak being weird, or some other random setting, who knows?.

This has been day 77 of #100DaysToOffload


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