The first blog I had

This is not my first blog, but its not the only one I've had. Here I'll tell you a couple things about my secret past writing for web, as a kid...

So, back then I didn’t know any better. Blogs were not really something I was very familiar with. MSN Messenger was still around and it was my favorite (or perhaps the only) way to instantly chat with friends.

As a grumpy young adult, I tend to be annoyed when kids only want to be on their phones playing Roblox or Fortnite. But then I remember that one of my favorite things I liked to do when I was younger, was playing Club Penguin. It was a really fun game at the time. I remember it quite fondly. I probably would have played it in my phone if it was possible too. I was quite happy.

I loved it so much that I started to look for tips and tricks online. Most of them were on English, especially on YouTube, which was quite a shame. Besides, back then a lot of them were trolls or fake. Just like today you see “Easy way to get more Robux”, or “How to max your account fast” and such types of videos on modern games today. Nothing is new, everything already existed.

At least when you paid for stuff you didn’t have to gamble to get what you actually wanted…

So anyways. All I could find in Spanish back then, were blogs hosted on Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. Of course, I didn’t care much about who owned what and the like. All I know is that reading from those blogs I started to learn about coupons and secrets I could use to get free stuff. Which was awesome for little me.

Eventually, I decided to start my own Blog in Blogger, where I pretty much just copied posts from other websites.

This is actually the reason I started to learn a bit more about computing, I did my own logo and stuff, using Photoshop, still, pretty cool back then. I tried out a bunch of Blogger themes, tried to recreate some functionality and yes, I even tried to add adds. I am so sorry.

I eventually made some other sites on Blogger, one about Origami, a couple for School projects. But eventually on later years I deleted them most of them. Maybe they are still on some Google data center, wandering around in the cloud.

This is day 12 of #100DaysToOffload


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