The calm before the unknown

I know how the saying goes, but I don't really know whats coming next and I don't want to jinx it.

I got a job now, and since I was given some time off, I decided to finish some paperwork at University and get cross off as many tasks from my to-do list as possible, I came across some friends, got a hit of nostalgia and walked more than expected, but I am hopeful of what’s to come.

There’s this Venn diagram where there are things you love to do, things you know how to do, and things that pay well. As of know, I am qualified to do it, and I’ll get good pay, but I am still not sure if I’ll love it.

I feel like it’ll be one of those jobs when I’ll just click and type away for 8 hours with lunch in between. I am not complaining, I don’t expect anything less at the moment and I think I might even end up enjoying it.

However, that’s a very similar situation to my internship, except that in that case the only good thing was getting a good pay—for an intern. I managed to survive 6 months like that, and I didn’t really hate it, so maybe I’ll be fine if I can handle the pressure—something I didn’t really suffer from during my internship because I was just a subordinate and responsibilities didn’t ultimately fall on me.

Regardless, as I said, I got a couple days off, and today is Mexican Revolution day, so yet another day off. I decided to go to school and fix some paperwork I had procrastinated a whole year to complete. I’m talking about validating the time of social service I did a while ago. It was so simple I am actually really annoyed at myself for not doing it sooner, alas, it is finished.

I really got hit by nostalgia when I went to my campus, it had been a while since I’ve visited it during the morning, everything was pretty much the same, students messing around, playing UNO, having lunch. Saying hi to some friends I saw passing by, talking about how we’ve been after months without seeing each other—it was a good time.

After that I went ahead and talked to my internship coordinator, I hadn’t told her about my new job and I was unsure about what she would say about it. Thankfully she was very happy and gave me some advice about what’s next.

I also walked quite a bit too, since I needed to go to an ATM to pay for the certificate I was going to get, and they only accepted ATM tickets as proof for some reason. It was not that far, a kilometer or so. I actually followed a path similar to the one I used to take to go home—when I lived closer to my campus. I came across houses and parks that were the same, but a little different, so many memories happening walking downstreet with friends and schoolmates. I almost cried.

After everything was done, now I only have to deal with the paperwork to validate the hours of internship I did, as well as a project that I should have finished last year too—oops. It shouldn’t be very hard to do, thankfully. I must have it done as soon as possible, and start the longer process of getting my degree and finally be done with this period of my life.

I still struggle to process everything. To think that I am closer to (hopefully) forming my own family, than I am to being a kid myself, and despite it all, I still don’t imagine myself as a salary man working to provide for my household and stuff. Adulthood is nothing like I expected it to be. I want to go back to what is comfortable, but I want to see what’s next and test new things too. So, what will it be?

This is day 81 of #100DaysToOffload


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