A normal day of social service

What do I normally do when working for my school? Not much, to be honest

I have to work for free at my University for around 400 hours. This is normal and expected in public universities here, since they are quite cheap. In my case, around $25 USD per semester (Americans must be having a stroke 🤣), so going to help and do something for the basically free education is not a lot to ask for.

I decided to serve at the computing center of my campus. Since its called “social service” you are supposed to actually help on places outside school, but they also let you do this, and I took advantage of it (like most students). Its easier and they are more flexible with schedules, which I liked.

I thought I would learn some stuff, like using a CMS and post things, or at least fix a computer or two. But most of the time I am just sitting around, lending equipment, keeping a record of it, sometimes printing documents and reserving computer classrooms when a teacher needs it. There was one time where we went to install new computers in some classrooms, which was quite fun.

So, it was not what I had in mind, but at least I have a lot of free time which still fills the amount of hours I need to do, quite a lifehack! I can use this time for whatever I want, scroll my FreshRSS or Mastodon feed, read a novel or manga, design some icons, fold some origami. Its quite peaceful to be honest.

I do have some fellow classmates who also don’t have to do a lot. I am not very talkative but sometimes I am in the mood to chat and change the routine a bit. Sadly I share no hobbies with any of them, and they look at me weird when I have a terminal open on my laptop, but I can’t help it. I wonder if I should try and be more social, but I don’t drink, I would never go to their weekend parties and I don’t really get some of the gossip and topics they talk about. I guess that most of the people in here already knew its a pretty easy place to fill your required hours and chose it for that, rather than any actual interest in computers or technology.

Regardless, as I am typing this I am about to end today’s service, which was pretty average, I lent a projector for a meeting, a computer for someone’s thesis presentation and I also read a chapter of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A very normal start of the week.


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