So many feeds to follow

I love blogs, I love digital gardens. Since I started this journey I keep finding site after site and I recently added so many new ones to my feed, I decided to write about it.

Ever since I started using RSS feeds, I’ve been expanding my list of feeds multiple times. I’ve also started over and over, because I didn’t take care of my backups as much.

Anyway, it was not until two years ago, that most of my feeds were those of common tech news sites and even some YouTube channels. Back then I didn’t care much about blogging or what other people had to say, unless they were in video format, I guess.

Clearly all of that changed once I joined Fosstodon and discovered the blogging sphere. I’ve joined a webrings, some clubs, and other nerdy things like that, because why not.

Lately, I’ve added a ton of new blogs to my feed, and I came across an article by Rach Smith about the way she consumes content online. Basically, subscribe to everything and pick what to check and utterly ignore the rest.

I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing, except that my current clients don’t make it as easy, or so I thought.

Swiping to either ignore or queue up is actually kind of a cool feature that both of my mobile clients for podcasts and web feeds can do.

AntennaPod, my podcast app of choice, recently added a new Inbox screen. Which is pretty much a general feed with new episodes of all podcasts (I can also whitelist them, I believe) and just by swiping left or right, I can ignore them or add them to my queue of episodes to listen to. This is not the best for some types of podcasts, but for the news and weekly content I follow, is actually awesome.

Readrops, my RSS reader of choice on Android, has a To Read section, and its also a matter of swiping left or right, to hide an article (although I can also show read articles if I want to) or to add it to my reading list.

This is quite great, because I can now parse all feeds and categories and quickly get a general stream of articles I am actually interested on reading later. If only it didn’t have an outdated design…

Read You, a reader I’ve been watching grow and improve may become my new choice once FreshRSS support works properly. Right now they added Fever API support, but its still a bit rough around the edges.

Regardless, I think I found a better way to consume this content. So I am glad I came across that article, now its just a matter of sticking with it.

On desktop I don’t really mind having to still deal with the usual interface, since FreshRSS also has a mark as read button, even if it doesn’t hide the post immediately, I don’t mind it much. My eyes already ignore them anyways.

In the span of me starting this blog and me finishing it, I already added 4 new feeds I just discovered to my FreshRSS instance. So there’s that.

This is day 27 of #100DaysToOffload


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