Procrastination, rambling and school

I have felt like doing anything, and school is not that great, but lets try to not procrastinate shall we?

I have been quite distracted this past few days, I have had quite a lot of free time, and yet, I have not really finished any important homework, or made any progress on my game, and obviously, I have not made another blog until today. And that was quite interesting to me.

During vacations, this kind of behavior was not really bad because I did not have anything to actually do. Still, just because I don’t have anything to do, I should stay doing nothing, therefore, if I know I have stuff to do, I should be doing them first.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I did what I felt that I needed to do, even if nobody was forcing me to do so. But these past few days, I have had some problems with that. I can make use of a lot of excuses, honestly.

I can say that online classes are terrible, for example, most teachers don’t even have a proper Google meet link, they create a different one for each session, and they send it like 5 minutes before the meeting starts. Some teachers are pretty care-free about the format of each assignment they give us. Others want us to make use of PowerPoint or templates that only work on MS Word, or some will even make us do diagrams and maps and tables by hand. I don’t even have proper notebooks, because I take notes on my laptop, but I have to make use of one just for those few moments, and it is so annoying.

In 3 minutes I have another class, and I don’t even have the link to join the meeting. I guess that I just don’t feel like doing my homework (or anything productive at all) when I can feel the people around me doing no real effort to be productive either.

However, now that I started talking about this, I think that I should make an effort and stop this procrastination. Anyways, this has been day 22 of #100DaystoOffload, and don’t forget to drink water!.

By the way! Seriously, I have started to bring a water bottle to my study area, by my side, and it is great, you drink a lot more, which is good, you pay more attention when you are hydrated, and you don’t leave as often, because water is already there and you don’t need anything else!, Unless you need to use the bathroom because of the amount of water you drank).

Anyways, have a good day. I will try to be a bit more consistent again hopefully.


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