Redesigning my Website's Stylesheet

I decided to leave Simple.css behind and do something even simpler, debloated and still elegant

So, after doing some experiments, I have decided to leave Simple.css, the framework I have used since I started this blog, and I started to play around with my own, simpler Cascading stylesheet.

If you have visited my tilde website (or if you are in it right now), you will notice how simple the site looks, and I decided to finally translate that to my main website.

I have enjoyed Simple.css a lot, I really like it, and I did everything in my power to customize my site using it as a base, after all, the tutorial I followed to get started on this site recommended it, since both are made by Kev after all. But as time went by, I started to develop my own ideas, create my own little pieces and I finally decided to scrap it all and just go for something more minimal and decluttered.

I still kept some things, like the navigation var on top, which is fairly similar to the old one, as well as readapted some parts like my projects section or my comments.

I guess I have some more changes to do, but I like it so far and I am pretty happy with it. I have felt quite inspired to do a bunch of changes, buying some vps and a domain that is not one of the free ones, but maybe its just the moment and tomorrow all of this will only be a memory.

Anyways, I saved a screenshot of the old site just to keep it alive somehow, Simple.css is awesome and if you wanna get started on your own site, check it our here!

This is day 48 of #100DaysToOffload, RIP old stylesheet, you will live as a comment in my html website source.


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