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Yes, I do have analytics, and I was curious as to which posts from this blog where found most often by people on the internet, here are the results!

Vercel, the hosting provider I use, actually has analytics. They are not as feature rich in their free tier, but I usually check them out from time to time and have noticed a couple of patterns.

Today I saw Annnie’s Top Posts of her weblog, and I decided to share some of my most frequently visited ones. I don’t think they are that good or anything, but I always see 6 or 7 people that visited them whenever I check.

I don’t have all time stats, since Vercel only let’s me see the last 30 days, but by scrolling under the latest ones, there are some standouts that have managed to stay relevant despite the passing of time.

The easiest way for me to differentiate these posts, is by filtering by referrer, and choosing Google, since these are posts that people look for, and I found it all quite interesting. So, here are the 5 posts of mine people end up in when googling for stuff.

My Spectrwm Setup

It’s been a long while since I used spectrwm, I could probably switch now, but dwm is just perfect for me, I simply have no complaints.

Regardless, for people interested in spectrwm—despite it being kinda dead at this point—there really is not that much stuff out there, so despite how short it is, people keep looking for interesting ideas and ricing to add to their personal configs, which I respect.

My DWM Rice

I really need to give this post an update, it doesn’t even have a screenshot to go along with it! But I do list my dwm patches and stuff I used at the time. I have chenaged a few things here, such as adding a system tray and other few plugins, but other than that. This post is still kind of accurate!

Creating my own Theme with FreshRSS

If you have installed FreshRSS, and you like dark, but not too dark themes, you probably use mine! Since this post was published it was added to the official theme selection, which is one of my biggest accomplishments ever. It is based on the Nord color scheme, which I used to prefer back then. I should probably make another one based on Tokyo Night, but I don’t really mind it that much.

Installing LabVIEW on Linux Minut

LabVIEW is a very ugly program to make very ugly programs, block style programming that can’t even be exported to any kind of code, and somehow it is incredibly expensive.

It has a Linux version that worked well but only on certain distributions, so yeah…

To whatever engineering student going through this, I am sorry you have to use LabVIEW, but if I managed to survive it, so can you!

Fixing Bootloader on Void (for me)

So, yeah, I guess there’s a lot of people dual booting Void Linux like me, and going through a lot of pain whenever Windows updates.

To be fair, ever since I got my new laptop, I have never experienced a broken bootloader again. I still dual boot Windows and Void Linux, but I don’t really have any problems anymore, other than Windows messing up its time clock despite my best efforts. Nothing a quick time sync can’t fix.

Finishing thoughts

In case you are curious, besides the main page and the blog section, most of my visits last month had been to the post on my home screen.

Also the most visited posts in generals are the ones covering RSS and FreshRSS, I did quite a bit of tutorials and posts about it.

Other than big search engines, most referrals come from Cloudhiker, Kagi and The 1MB Club, there’s quite a bit of other small websites, webrings and references from other blogs, which are always fun, since I usually discover random people with websites that found me somehow, sometimes not even through Mastodon, but just the web itself, and I can’t help but feel like that’s really, really cool.

This is day 39 of #100DaysToOffload, and post 7 of #WeblogPoMo2024


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