October 2023 Summary

The monthly stats of the content and media I consumed this month! Very quick and kinda late, I am so sorry.

Hey hey hey, I took a while to make my summary this time, but it is how it is. I have been very busy at work and the regular. I got a new phone, although that didn’t happen in October so, oops. Anyway, for now here is what I listened to.



I didn’t read that much manga lately, only the first mention here is new and its fairly short anyway.


Since the year is approaching its end I also kinda wanted to read some more. I managed to finish two books!


Device Usage


I used my laptop for a total of 67 hours, at least on my Linux side.


I used my Phone for around 207 hours. I am actually surprised, seems like a lot. But I can explain!

Looks like it all balances out a little bit, maybe? Maybe I can’t explain… You got me, I don’t want to bother doing so.

Finishing thoughts

A lot of switch games, two books, a little bit of podcasts, still sleeping to Welcome to Night Vale. Somehow the Magnus Archives still has more episodes played. Everything is great. I may get a proper job at the company I’m doing my internship at, I just want to get this over with and do enough blogposts before the year ends. Bye!

This is day 77 of #100DaysToOffload.


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