Not blogging for a whole month

So last October I barely managed to make one post, because I happened to be really busy, while still having a lot of time to explore other hobbies

After a little bit of thought, I actually had a lot of free time during all of last month, but I have been using it for other things, including of course, wasting some time scrolling my Mastodon timeline or watching YouTube videos, going to class, getting distracted during class, etc.

I also got quite invested into watching anime, I was never a huge fan of it. As a kid, the only anime I kind of watched was Captain Tsubasa, known as “Super Campeones” here in Mexico, since it aired Saturday morning and was entertaining enough. Despite this, I never watched Dragon Ball or Naruto or anything else.

Anyways, I will probably talk about anime in the future, but I have to say it was not the main reason I didn’t update my blog. In fact, I only watched it during the night right before going to sleep, and I don’t really feel like writing at such time anyways.

I guess I just got quite lazy at writing for this. I feel like I actually lost some of my typing speed because of it, I haven’t made any typing sessions lately either.

Lately my Embedded Systems class showed us a bunch of PHP and Web dev stuff, and we got the task of improving upon our Parking Lot project on my Raspberry Pi. This time we had to make a user database and be able to reserve parking spots, generate a way to validate the reservation, like a QR Code, and have a web interface for it all.

I had already made a web interface, but not all of it, so I got quite inspired to work on it, and it took quite a lot of time, I am still not done with it since there are some little details to fix in the way my database gets updated, but at this point is a matter of creating the right queries.

This post is going to end up being quite short but I don’t really have a lot of things to say. Facebook has a new name, some GTA games will be remade and the 3D character models look terrible, Firefox decided to add some colors to its version 94, which are kind of ugly looking; I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and I am starting to get addicted to have them as background noise. I recently watched the Evangelion Rebuild movies and I am having a mental breakdown that at least is more happy than depressed, I am struggling to find something to fill the void.

Well that’s a nice amount of lines I guess, this has been day 59 of #100DaysToOffload, I hope you enjoyed your read even if it is kind of pointless, I promise I’ll make some worthy content soon enough!.


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