My favorite color scheme

For the longest time, Nord has been my favorite, but a few months ago I switched to something else. Tokyo Night is my new favorite!

Ricing my linux desktop, especially when you are a window manager user, is kind of the norm. This usually starts with choosing a theme for the terminal colors, which are usually also used when coding. Nord was always my go-to ever since I found it around two years ago. In fact, funnily enough, I had been using it for a while and its showcased in some screenshots from my 4th post of the first time doing #100DaysToOffload (or blogging at all, to be fair), where I shared my spectrwm ricing.

Nowadays though, I’ve found another color scheme that I don’t see mentioned too often. it’s name is Tokyo-Night, and I truly fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

I changed my color scheme on this blog months ago. But the code snippets CSS was still broken until yesterday, when I finally fixed it so now code looks good on my website.

I also updated my spectrwm bar to match the colors correctly, which was pretty cool.

I still mainly use awesomewm, but I have been using spectrwm today and doing those theme changes while I was at it.

I plan to create a repository to host these themes properly, since I couldn’t find the color scheme for anything but VSCode and Vim, so I’ll share the CSS and update my spectrwm dotfiles soon enough.

I’ll share some links in case you want to use this theme too!

Coming soon:

This is day 4 of my second run of #100DaysToOffload


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