Miyoo Mini Plus Hype

A Miyoo Mini Plus is shipping my way and ever since then I can't stop myself from seeing it everywhere.

I ordered a Miyoo Mini Plus a couple weeks ago from AliExpress and ever since then I’ve watched review after review and hyping myself up so much that there’s no way the device will be as good as my mind thinks now.

However I’ve also watched videos of other handhelds from Retroid, Anbernic and other similar brands and clones and I have to say I’m discovering a whole new world I’m not sure I want to get into it any more than the Mini Plus.

I already own a PSP as many of you might say, and I am perfectly aware that it can pretty much run everything the Miyoo can. I literally completed Chrono Trigger on it, and I played like 40 hours of Final Fantasy VI on it as well. Not to mention the hundreds of hours put into Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and other RPGs, GTAs and similar stuff.

Despite this, I can’t help but be extremely excited, specifically about SNES and GBA emulation, since I was always able to tell the music of many games slowed down quite a lot unless frameskip was enabled, which would make some things jittery.

Another part of me feels like the speaker may not even be that good, according to some reviews, but I’m even buying some wired earphones just to counteract that in case I can’t handle it.

There’s another weird feeling of going back to playing some of the Pokemon titles on the GBA. Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald were one of the first games I emulated on my HTC ChaCha with physical keys—alongside a couple Zeldas and Metroid—and I also played them for quite a bit of time on my PSP when I got it. I guess I want to relive those childhood memories once again.

And then theres the possibility of DS emulation! I am perfectly aware that one would probably be best on a device with a touchscreen, but it is still great to have, especially for the games that don’t really make use of the dual screen. I may replay Chrono Trigger’s DS version once I get it, as well as the Pokemon games for it!

Then there’s the Pico-8 support, and the ports of multiple games and software that is just, so great! So many things await!

I can’t wait to have this device and play around with it, and maybe buy some other handhelds down the road, I’ve heard rumors of a clamshell design coming soon, I might not manage to control myself—what rabbit hole did I get myself into?

This is day 37 of #100DaysToOffload and post 4 for #WeblogPoMo2024


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