May 2023 Summary

I did it again, I didn't blog as often as I could have, nevertheless, this is what I did with my time this month, mostly.

Yet another month went by and I actually can’t believe it, yet another year is flying by and my birthday is just around the corner…. Regardless, what I did this month was hindered by many things, but I shall prevail.

So anyway, I’ve been very busy at my internship, is not really what I imagined, I’ve mentioned in my Mastodon account that it has nothing to do with Mechatronics, but I don’t really mind, HR has been quite messy, but also very interesting and fun, I’ve done interviews and witnessed some interesting evaluations of people trying to get higher positions and such, I’ve also walked for hours putting flyers door by door in different cities around mine. Pretty much everyone of my fellow engineers mock me a little bit, but I have to admit I don’t mind doing this at all since its not actually that heavy for me to do, I’ve been used to “hard” work like this for a while.

The part that I hate the most is the online engagement and recruiting, why? Because I have to use Facebook, but I’ll stop for now, this is not about my job, but the media I’ve consumed lately!


I listened to a total of 98 hours of podcasts. Thanks to my internship, I have like 3 hours everyday during commutes and stuff, I have listened to a bit more music lately, but also quite a lot of podcasts!



I didn’t really watched any anime other than keeping up with Gurren Lagann but I didn’t manage to finish it just yet, its gotten a bit too fanservicey which is annoying, but I’ll try to watch until the end.



Device Usage

Laptop Usage

I used windows for a while lately because of school homework, but on Linux this is what I did mostly. I used Linux for around 39 hours (you can tell I am not home as much huh).

Android Usage

I used my phone more often than I expected, for around 168 hours.

This is day of #100DaysToOffload

Finishing toughts

As I’ve said before, work has gotten in my way a little bit more, but I’ve also been too lazy. I will try to catch up this month since I’m actually on vacation now. This is day 47 of #100DaysToOffload


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