March 2023 Summary

I can't believe another month went by. Here's my media consumption this time around! March was a crazy month indeed.

This was not a regular month, I did a lot of media consumption of the interactive kind. Video games kind of took over for me, which was quite interesting to go through, I already talked about Monster Hunter but I did a lot more, other than my regular share of podcasts, manga, anime and the like.



Other than the regulars, here are some I wanted to shout out:




I played quite a few games this month, I had never played so much in a while, so its quite interesting to see to be honest. I finished a couple of games I had started a couple years ago, which was quite interesting.



Device Usage

Alright so, as you may be able to tell, this time around my activity tracking is quite unique.

Desktop Usage

Phone Usage


I have to say I also spent a bunch of time on Twitch, because I was listening and watching Monster Hunter streamers which I also kinda played with sometimes so that was very fun.

I feel like I spent a lot of time doing not very useful things, at the same time I have a lot of free time so it is how it is. I should be looking for an internship, this is so sad.

This is day 45 of #100DaysToOffload


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