July 2022 Summary

A little late this time, but still managed to write this up. A ton of media has been consumed this time around, Its vacations period after all!


I listened to the first season of Revolutions, a fantastic podcast hosted by Mike Duncan. The topic of this one is, as the title implies, overviews of historical events and battles that changed nations and the world. It was a joy to listen to. I would have loved to say how much I learned about history and stuff, how productive it felt compared to having background noise that I don’t pay much attention to, or content that only entertains me without teaching me much…

Then Dungeons and Daddies happened.

After I watched Stranger Things’ 4th season, I got more interested on D&D than ever, and I had heard about some podcasts shows that could be nice to start with. From all the options, I had already added D&Daddies a while ago due to a Reddit post, and I had actually listened to the first 2 episodes months ago. It did not catch up, even today the first couple episodes were not easy for me to even understand. Looking back, it probably was because of how much the hosts laugh and how the conversations get overlapped quite often. I decided to find the transcripts and read along. This made it easier to get used to the different voices and get familiar with the dynamics of the game and the players. Now I am on episode 23, plus some extras, which means I listened to 13 hours of history lessons, and 40 hours of people rolling dice.

It was worth it.


YES! I read a book! I actually read a couple!

I finished the first two Sherlock Holmes novels, A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four. They were both quite entertaining and interesting overall. Sherlock is a really interesting character that everybody knows, but nowadays nobody seems to bother with the original stories and cases. I remember watching the series with Cumberbatch as Holmes, and it was quite enjoyable back then, but the original story is really, really good and intriguing. Very detective indeed.

I also started The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which is on hold for now, its a collection of short stories anyway, so I am not too worried on losing any threads.


No anime this time around, podcasts took over, books made a comeback, and manga is still going strong.


I started Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, a manga about Akira, a slaved employee from an abusive company, who, after zombies take over the world, makes a bucket list of things he wants to do now that he’s finally free from his job prison. Its funny and somewhat graphic, the action is pretty good and so are the characters, its pretty chill most of the time, not super serious, but the mystery behind whats going on and the personality of the protagonist and friends is entertaining.

I read up to chapter 133 of Eyeshield 21. I first heard of this one in a Trash Taste episode, I believe. And I learned that it was drawn by Murata, which is currently working on One-Punch Man, which has top notch art quality. By the title I didn’t even know what it was about, but in the podcast it was mentioned how well the action was presented and such. I got interested, but when I saw the cover and realized it was about American Football, I only placed it on my “Planning” list.

It was not until I read The Boxer last month that I decided to see more of what Sports manga has to offer. And I have to say, this one did not dissapoint at all! Every character is great, the games are incredibly entertaining, the slice of life bits are wholesome.

Everytime a new move, a new tactic or a new enemy to overcome shows up I can’t help but get pumped up at what’s next. The place where I stopped is right before a very important match that I will read when I finish this summary. The art is amazing, the characters are fun and unique, the action is not hard to follow, the road to victory is exciting, and I even learned how American Football works!

Also, Chainsaw Man has returned! I am following the new chapters as they come out, and its as depressing and weird as I remember, although I finished the first part quite recently…


Nothing really new, I’ve added a couple of K-Pop songs to my playlist though, nothing too meaningful but we’ll see how things change this month.


I bought Minecraft, and last month I played it for 40 hours, I could not believe it, to be honest. I listened to some podcasts and youtube videos while playing too.

It is really fun and really relaxing, a game I’ve wanted to get for years, but only now had the chance to buy.

I will write more about this sometime soon.

Screen Time

I returned to a few bad habits that I can justify with being on vacations, so I don’t mind too much.

Closing thoughts

This month was wild, I actually played Minecraft legally, I finally read more books, I got hooked by a podcast of a game I’ve never played, I understand how American Football works, and K-Pop is starting to get a hold of me. Send help!


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