My thoughts about Inside, the spiritual successor of Limbo which I played earlier this year. Here are my thoughts!

I finished my 3rd game of the year and it wasn’t the game I expected.

I have had a bit of a hard time finishing games recently, it is the kind of thing that has happened to me before.

Nowadays, I’ve got quite a few games, such are Triangle Strategy, a long story-focused tactics RPGs that hasn’t gripped me completely. Or stuff like Balatro, Lumines and other more infinite, roguelite and arcade games.

So, because of this, kind of randomly I decided to go back to something basic that I could complete in one sitting, and ended up with Inside.

Inside Game Screen
Inside Game Screen

The game is clearly drawing a lot from developer’s previous game, Limbo, which I’ve reviewed earlier this year.

You begin playing a boy running away from somewhere, trying to avoid being seen. There’s all sorts of dangers trying to stop your escape, there’s multiple puzzles on your way, there are failed experiments, mind control and many other elements that add an feeling of mystery and ambience to the whole thing.

The art, the sound design, everything falls into place just right and it was extremely inmersive all the way through.

The level and puzzle design was also simply fantastic, all of the puzzles feel rather minimal and everything needed to figure things out was in clear sight. There were barely any dead ends and it always felt awesome once you have an eureka moment.

At the same time, the story telling made me feel like I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, as in, I am doing the right thing needed to progress, but there was this feeling of danger everytime I got closer to the goal that was the ending of it all.

I don’t want to say much more, a very thought-provoking game that everyone should experience at some point. Maybe it has some failures here and there but nothing that took me out of it personally, and since it is so short, it’s easy to look over them.

This is day 26 of #100DaysToOffload


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