Giving context to my blogroll

I decided to turn my grocery list style blogroll, into something more meaningful, and rather cool!

Simone Silvestroni inspired me to improve my blogroll with this post months ago, but things got in the way, and I promptly forgot about it, until now!

A thread by Molly White, ended up being the nail in the head where I decided to update my blogroll and make it better, adding context and a nicer design than before.

Anyway, I already wrote A TON of descriptions—around 30 or so—and also did quite a bit of HTML and liquid templating. So I don’t want to write much more right now.

Go check out my updated blogroll and feel free to check the source code of this website if you want to implement something similar on Jekyll! The important files are in the root folder (, and blogroll.opml), except for the one located at _data/blogroll.yaml

I hope the people who find themselves mentioned there have a chuckle with my descriptions, no harm is intended! Coming up with what to say, for the decent amount of sites that could simply have been “a random dude who likes tech and blogs about blogging”… let’s say that it was quite the task!

If you feel that I forgot you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!, I edited a bunch and I tried to see if everyone was there but, sometimes things go unnoticed. If you’re there let me know what you think of your descriptions! I am quite interested in reading your thoughts.

This is day 12 of #100DaysToOffload


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