Fully completing a game

Metroid Dread is a game I'm playing

Honestly, when I play games most of the time I never go with the intention of playing and getting 100% of what a game has to offer.

Right now I am playing a couple different games at once, some of them I’ll try and get as much juice out ot them, a few others I’ll just follow the main plot.

Metroid Dread

Originally, I was only going to write about Metroid Dread, because it is the game I’ve been playing the most. I have already almost completed the entire plot except for the final boss, and since the game is pretty short, I decided to get every single item available first.

Metroid has always been somewhat of the perfect series for completionists, the game is focused on exploration, and it has a ton of replay value, ever since the first title, the game keeps track of the time it takes you to complete it, as well as the percentage of items you’ve obtained.

However, older titles in the series lack a built-in way to keep track of your progress until the very end of the game credits. Call me lazy but I don’t wanna look up maps online to know I’ve discovered all areas and items.

Metroid Dread actually displays the percentage of items per-area, and it also blinks on areas that may have a hidden secret on them. Despite that, it still has some zones that don’t show on the map or places that I have no idea how you were supposed to discover if it wasn’t for any guide. The problem however is almost non-existent, and other than a couple puzzles I had to look up, I’ve been able to find most of the items and I already 100% everything but 2 areas. Besides most of the puzzles are a matter of skill rather than discovery, which is quite neat.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

This game is a masterpiece, I started playing it pretty much as soon as I got my Nintendo Switch, I have defeated one of the beasts and just got to the second one. However I have completed a bunch of shrines already. I honestly don’t want to complete this game, therefore I am in a bit of a hiatus until I complete Dread and get back to it, its actually been a while since I’ve played it, around a month maybe, so the time is near.

Maybe I’ll also try to 100% it just so I can enjoy it before I get into Tears of The Kingdom, since I’ve heard that game makes its predecessor feel like an alpha. We’ll see!

Final Fantasy IV

This is a game I actually started like a year ago. I am very prone to playing games halfway through, and even around 90% of them, only to not continue playing it for one reason or another. This is the case of FFIV, I got too confused on a dungeon with too many floors, and I decided to just leave.

I finally continued it recently and I am having a great time. The PSP version has great quality of life features, and while I won’t fully complete it I think I’ll be able to finish the main story soon enough.

Burnout Legends

The thing about games like this one is that there really is not much to do other than just race. The game however actually has a progress indicator, so I may consider completing it. Its not really that deep since its just a racing game with nice physics and gameplay.

Honorable mentions

There are other games were I haven’t really put much thought into them. Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga would have a full section but since I lost the progress on it, I can’t really say much.

Another game were I recently made some progress is Suikoden II, it is also a JRPG, feels like what Final Fantasy would look like if it had stayed with 2D graphics, the animations and gameplay is buttery smooth and it has a really enjoyable interface, its been a while since I’ve faced a boss though and I mainly progressed through the story at the moment, a bunch of drama and political intrigue will be found on this game.

I’ve also done a bit of progress on The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, but I am focusing more on FFIV. Once I’m done it will be next on my PSP games list.

Oh! Final Fantasy VII is a thing too! I don’t know why I play so many JRPGs at once, I am probably doing a disservice to them by playing like this, but its also quite alright, since I kinda manage to get into them and switch pretty quickly. Maybe its because all of them are gems or maybe I am some kind of genius who can keep track of multiple plotlines.

Anyway, this is enough writing for today, this was day 59 of #100DaysToOffload


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