Free time, Warhammer 40K and buttons

I forgot that I didn't have a class today, so now I have 2 hours where I have nothing to do.

So our teacher let us know that today we would not have class because of reasons I already forgot, just like I forgot everything about the announcement until I had spent 10 minutes alone in the classroom listening to an episode of Into The Aether.

Therefore, I decided to go to the computer lab on my University and start writing this blog, since I brought my laptop and everything, I’ll write whatever comes to my mind.

Getting into Warhammer 40K

I think I mentioned it in a toot a few days ago, but I recently got kind of interested in the Warhammer 40K lore. Its a franchise I had never heard of until an episode of the Animators React series, that showcased a fan animation of it, which sparked the first seeds that only now just flourished. A friend who is really into the games and lore introduced me to Sir Khan, a fantastic YouTube channel in Spanish that makes absolutely amazing videos about the lore. I started listening from the start and ended up super invested on them. I actually cried because of how epic the story is, especially when I listened to his video on The Horus Heresy. I still have a long way to go, but this universe is so awesome and there are so many books to read.

I already read a short novel which was quite hooking (Crusade by Andy Clark), but I am considering reading one of the many series of books within the franchise. I believe I will go with the Gaunt’s Ghosts series, but we’ll see.

Adding web buttons

I was testing out the size of my website and noticed my logo was in PNG format, I decided to just use the svg file alone since it should be lighter to load and all. I also added some 88x31 px buttons, like those that can be found in some old websites and the like. I got the inspiration from BugsWriter’s website, although I already had some, I just found some more online and added them too. I think I first saw them in The Privacy Raccoon though. I even made my own button for Void Linux, because I love Void Linux.

I am sure there are still tons of buttons like this in some neocities websites and the like. I actually went to, a classic search engine for classic websites to look for some random sites. It was fun!

In case you want to use some yourself, you can check this website, no search bar though.

Finishing up

Its now a matter of 20 or so minutes for my next class to begin, I think I will go get something to eat and publish this as always now. The episode I was listening to is going to end in 15 minutes or so. My arms are starting to hurt because the seats are too low (or the desks are too high, I guess) so I will publish this and take a break. Now you have an idea of how long I take to write posts like this one. You’re welcome ;)

This is day 35 of #100DaysToOffload


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