February 2023 Summary

What I did this month of February, one year after this series got started! Awesome stuff

This month was spent consuming various kinds of media, unlike last month. I feel like I could have been more productive, as always. But well, it is how it is. I really need to put myself together though. Let’s hope for the best. For now, here’s what I did this month, more or less.


Alright, I listened to a variety of different podcasts this time, so there they are!


Movies and Series



Device Usage

This month I used my devices a bit less than the previous one, which I find interesting. To be fair a bit of my time was spent on Windows, where I don’t have m ActivityWatch installed, so maybe I just transitioned my usage from one place to another.

Desktop usage

I used my laptop for a total of 154 hours.

Android Usage

I used my device for a total of 171 hours.

Final words

That’s pretty much it. I also started playing on a PSP for a bit, but I’ll write about that later, I guess.

This is day 42 of #100DaysToOffload


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