Building my gaming backlog

After getting a Switch and playing quite a bit of new games I decided to list out all the games I have in my backlog and keep track of them, because it's fun!

A week or so ago, I listened to the video “How I Finished my Gaming Backlog (One Year Later)”, while I was cleaning up my bedroom and tidying things up. It was a really entertaining background noise that has really inspired me to just sit and list down every single game I want to be a part of my backlog, once and for all. This was originally done in a spreadsheet, which I eventually copied over to my Backloggd profile, feel free to follow me over there too—I’ll follow back!

Backloggd profile
Backloggd profile

I have also been a bit active on Discord, specially on the TWG Online server—from the Into The Aether podcast—where I have spent quite a bit of my time talking about games, playing Mario Kart tournaments and just chilling. However, I realized that being there for so long would also help me improve my backlog even more.

You see, I quite enjoy having as much data as possible about the stuff I do, I wasn’t like this, it is kind of a recent phenomenon, maybe triggered because of the covid pandemic. I started filling every field I could in my contacts app, from birthdays to websites and every bit of information about them, of course all synced up with my private Nextcloud instance via CardDAV and such. The same is usually true with the content I consume, hence why I do my Monthly Summaries.

Getting to the point, thanks to how much I talk about the games I play in that server, I had dates and times of quite a few games I have played before, which I could fill into the log, making my Journal page feel a lot more alive. Of course, many games also display the time I’ve spent playing it, which is quite useful for this purpose.

Another thing I decided to do, for even older games I’ve played, was to look for my old YouTube comments. I didn’t know this, but you can actually check your comment history in your Google Activity page—they really do track everything huh. Regardless, it was pretty useful, I finally know when exactly I started playing Parasite Eve!—maybe I will finally complete it this year.

So, yeah, I have now added almost every game I’m playing, I’ve played or I want to play at some point in my life both to a spreadsheet and that website—which totals at around 129 games—and I am pretty happy about that. There are some things missing in some games, such as the time played. I kind of want to write more retrospective reviews of many games that I want to share in this blog, so you can expect some of that in 2024. The actual list of my favorite games of 2023 is still not even written, so you might have to wait for next year.

This is day 96 of #100DaysToOffload


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