Babysitting dogs and a Black Widow mini review

For the first time since the pandemic started, I went to watch a movie. I also had to take care of a house, some dogs and a chicken farm

Home alone, but not my home

Last week, a some family friends had to go out of the city for medical reasons, they have a little chicken farm and a couple of pretty active dogs, and they asked me to take care of them all for a couple days.

Both of the dogs are really great trained so it was pretty easy to take care of them, they let me know when they need to go outside and “fulfill their needs”, they eat in order and they even know their schedule when I had to give them treats or take them for a while. All I had to do was be there and pay attention when they stared at me for a while xD.

One of the dogs is a little puppy, and she liked to bite stuff, but she had a couple of chewing toys, and it never represented a big problem. Even when sleeping, all I had to do was leave the bathroom door open, and they would go there if they needed to.

Now, our friends got some chickens too, they actually sell eggs, and they are pretty great, since they feed them with a good mix of corn and other natural seeds. I picked up more than a dozen eggs during the days I was there. It was quite an interesting experience.

I also had to cook for myself. Having parents who cook is quite epic, it is one of the things I enjoy about my culture, families still gather around almost daily to eat together, at least once a day in my case. But of course, this time I was alone, although there were some goodies waiting for me there, like some homemade chocolate cookies and stuff.

In the end it was quite a nice experience, I actually got a nice amount of time to be by myself and think, which is always a good thing, I did not even felt the need to write a post or anything until today, a couple days later.

The last day when the house owners arrived we all ate some burguers together.

A Black Widow mini-Review, finally going to a movie theater

While I was still taking care of our friends house, I got a message from the family group, asking me when will I be done. Turns out that they wanted to go to the movies, for the first time since the pandemic started. We ended up unable to do so that day, but we were all free tomorrow, so we all got ready to got right after lunch (and doing the dishes).

The only movie we decided to watch was Black Widow. It was quite an interesting movie, while not a masterpiece, I still had a great time watching it and we even got some popcorn, which is quite a privilege for us in our economical situation. If you don’t wanna be spoiled, just stop reading already, because that’s the rest of this post.

I kinda really liked Yelena’s personality, almost like a female spiderman who happens to be used to kill people. She is basically being set up as the next Black Widow, and I am OK with that.

I kinda not liked that the OG Natasha Romanoff got carried into all of this in a not so natural way. Also she got into a lot of situations that should not be survivable by a normal human being, of course she also fought with aliens, so its fair enough.

Honestly, most of the protagonist companions were pretty good, compared to other movies where they have no depth at all. The Red Guardian got pretty mistreated tho, I wish we could have seen a more serious side of him without being ridiculed.

I am sorry, but nowadays most people are saying to men to share their feelings and to not hide their emotions, that it is OK to cry and stuff like that. Yet, the Red Guardian gets the role of a caring but dumb father who is treated like a clown every time he opens up their feelings towards his family. Actually, most men in the movie are ridiculed one way or another. Except for the one who gets Romanoff a place to hide.

Lets not talk about Taskmaster, seriously, I am not qualified for that since I was unaware of his story on the comics, or in this case, her.

The final villain is quite interesting, but of course they had to protect him with some incredibly dumb pheromone shield because he is just a regular guy who happened to create an army of Black Widows under his control. And of course that such protection can be broken, by actually breaking your nose.

The last grand action scene is quite epic, not gonna lie, although a huge incredibly impossible mess, but that’s how it is in the Marvel universe, and I am here for it!

When it comes to political stuff, I am a bit annoyed by movies that follow a feminist agenda just for the sake of it, but I would say this movie is not one of those, and its approach is better than stuff like Captain Marvel or Charlie’s Angles, which is a good thing.

Although the overall package is kinda clumsy. Yeah I will give it a 6/10, would not watch again unless I am on a Marvel movie marathon, since I think watching it in chronological order would feel better.

It was a good bit of family time outside of our home. Also, its worth mentioning that, most of my “complaints” did not come up while watching the movie, I really don’t mind to just enjoy the action and the popcorn most of the time, and I did so successfully in this case, which means the movie is pretty goot to me. Also, the tickets here cost the equivalent of 3 US dollars, so that’s epic, I’ve heard that going to the movies in the US is quite expensive.

Anyways, this has been day 49 of #100DaysToOffload


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