April 2024 Summary

Let's go through what I did during the month of April, some gaming, some movies, some anime, podcasts and more stuff!


I listened to 93 hours of Podcasts this month, the usual subjects to be honest but also some surprises!


This month I managed to read quite a bit more books, and I am quite happy about that. You have already seen some reviews of these that you can check in this site.




Anime & TV Shows

Device Usage

So, now for how my device usage went in April…


I used my phone for 198 hours


I used my laptop for a total of 60 hours


I read 1090 pages in the span of 19 hours

Finishing thoughts

So, quite a lot of media was consumed during April, I am quite happy about that.

This month might be much less varied, but that’s because I am taking part in #WeblogPoMo2024, where I’ll be writing one post per day! so this is my first post for the challenge, if you decide to join, please let me know!

And, this is day 33 of #100DaysToOffload


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