April 2023 Summary

I actually can't believe I went a whole month without posting. I am so sorry, I'll try to get back into it. For now, here's what I did during April of 2023

It is the month of May already, and this is the first time I went for an entire 30 days without doing any blogging here. It is a little disappointing, but its also not that big of a deal.

I just had some free time during Eastern which were quite relaxing. I don’t know if I’ll write everything I did but you can get an idea out of this summary.


I listened to a total of 82 hours of podcasts, I would say a fair bit of that was while I slept, since I tend to leave them playing for a while with a sleep timer.

Other podcasts that got at least 3 hours of playtime were Retro Game Time Machine, Self-Hosted, Escape Pod, Trash Taste and Destination Linux.






Like last month, gaming took over a bit of my life again, I kept playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Freedom Unite and I also played quite a bit of Minecraft on some my personal server and other SMPs

Device Usage

I used my computer quite a lot less compared to last month, with a total of 135 hours of screen time.


Also, the browser extension for ActivityWatch recently got accepted on the Firefox Add-on store again, so I managed to record a couple of stats from it.


I used my phone for a total of 199 hours, this was quite a lot more than previous times, oops.

Finishing up

I actually got an internship now, I took my time huh, I will probably be unable to blog as often, but maybe since my time will now be shorter, I will actually decided to write quick blogposts instead of playing videogames for 3 hours straight, I recently started watching some videos from the QSMP, a minecraft series featuring creators speaking Spanish, English and now Protuguese, it is pretty fun so far. Until later guys!

This is day 46 of #100DaysToOffload


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