Almost completing videogames

There are a lot of games that I have started and I just can't bring myself to finish them, and sometimes, there are consequences

So, there are quite a lot of different games that I have played and completed, be it games on my PSP or on my computer, I have never had a proper console, but I did have one of those “Poly Station” kinda things that only had the same 5 NES games over and over again. I got quite a bit of use out of that, until the joysticks broke.

As time goes on, a lot of other games were also played, but ended up losing interest in them, and never got completed, sometimes because the games were boring, others because I got mad at them.

I recently acquired a couple of PC games that I am enjoying so far, Hollow Knight is quite amazing and challenging, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Axiom Verge too is going just fine CrossCode remains unplayed because of graphical glitches that I have been unable to solve, but maybe it fixes itself at some point.

Among the games I really hate that I haven’t been able to finish, there is Final Fantasy VI. You’ll see, there is this tower, which is the only thing between me and the final dungeon, and you are only able to use magic, and there is this one move that can kill your whole party, so you have to use this Lazarus move that revives you after dying, and I just was not able to go down the tower and grind with normal enemies to get it, so I just got stuck there. I think I could have won with enough effort, but I lost my save file and I got kinda mad. I might start the game all over again some time soon, but yeah, it really infuriated me.

Another game I haven’t been able to finish despite being basically at the end is Ys Seven, which is an action RPG, pretty epic and fast paced, the last boss (probably? I think there might be another one after it, but I haven’t seen any spoilers) has three phases where I use 3 different parties of characters, I just lose all of my equipment, potions and such, so I think I still have to grind a lot to be able to get it done. Good thing is the game has a decent teleportation system so I think it shouldn’t be that hard.

Yet another game that is stuck in time, is Parasite Eve. This game rocks, I love the battle system, the graphics and everything about it, but I think I mixed the wrong weapons or something, I am stuck at a hospital where I just can’t survive long enough to defeat all the enemies, I run out of mana and health too quickly, I wish I was able to avoid attacks, which is not that hard, I’m just dumb.

Jeanne D’Arc is another game where I got to the final boss (probably) and I think I just went underleveled, the thing is, the game is a tactics game, which means, each playthrough is super long and it takes a while to finish a match. Thankfully, leveling up is not actually that difficult, I just have to get the time and willingness to do so.

The latest game I started that I haven’t gotten around to completing or even playing consistently is Final Fantasy VII, I just can’t really stand the random encounters and the weird controls of each minigame, thankfully I have won most of them in the first try, and the actual battles are really enjoyable, if a bit long because of animations.

However, the one game I really want to finish but I lost the save file alongside FFVI is Terranigma, if you have not played that SNES game, it is one of the better action RPG games I’ve seen, the gameplay is amazing, you can do combos and different kinds of attacks, the dungeons are quite clever and the bosses are also really fun, it’s basically The Legend of Zelda, but harder, better, faster and stronger, at least by SNES standards, it’s not just a simple clone, the story I was able to experience was great, I hope I get the time to finish it soon.

There are a lot of other games I have started, but I have not gone that far on any of them to feel guilty about not completing them, or I am still playing them, just taking it slow. Stuff such as Resident Evil 2 and 3, Xenogears, Cave Story, Suikoden II, Metal Gear Solid, MGS: Peace Walker and others.

I didn’t play some of these because the joystick on my PSP was faulty, but I recently got it fixed, so I can now continue playing them just fine.

Anyways, not a lot of structure this time, but I wanted to have something today, a bit late, but anyways.

This has been day 76 of #100DaysToOffload


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