What Interested Me Today 4

Just another edition of this series. Random stuff that stole more attention from me than usual.

Finding my old Gameboy Advance SP

I recently remembered that I have a Gameboy Advance SP lying around in my room, and I turned it on and it still works! Sadly, I also noticed that theres a vertical red line of pixels on the screen, and it also looks incredibly bad, compared to what my childhood eyes remembered.

I got the itch to maybe replace its display with an IPS one from AliExpress, and maybe get some soldering practice going again, change its shell while I’m at it. At the same time, with my upcoming Miyoo Mini Plus, I don’t see myself playing on real hardware soon. I might still try the mod though, just as a challenge, and it would make for a good blogpost.

My Gameboy Advance SP
My Gameboy Advance SP

CDawgVA’s Chrono Trigger playthrough

This series has been my happy place for the last couple of days. I always love me some Chrono Trigger playthroughs, and Connor’s voice is just great at giving at dubbing the great characters in the game. I am still not done with it, and I think he rushed past some dialogues a little too quickly for my kinda gatekeepy side—where everyone should talk to every single NPC to find out the lore behind everything going on in a game—but it is still very fun to see him play this favorite of mine.

The Rest is History Podcast

I’ve mentioned this podcast in the latest monthly summary. This podcast is really winning me over quite a lot, and there’s a huge backlog to catch up on! So far, the Titanic series was great, and I am currently listening to their series on Lord Byron, some random guy who was kind of a big deal back in the day, and had quite the strange life, still not done with it, but it’s great.

XKCD on the Remarkable 2

Just a blogpost from my mate @hyde that mentioned what his interest to install KOReader on his Remarkable 2 led him to.

Miyoo Mini Plus 3 in 1 Case

You can use it as case, a stand, and a grip, all in one! Very cool stuff. I found it first in The Worst Garbage’s Discord server and I decided to order it. I must admit I went for a similar one available on AliExpress, because the shipping price from the Etsy option was incredibly expensive to my country, but it is how it is.

This is day 38 of #100DaysToOffload and post 6 for #WeblogPoMo2024.


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