September 2023 Summary

What I've done this month when it comes to media consumption and other things I want to talk about

So, there’s been, like always, quite a lot of stuff that I’ve done this month.

The most noticeable for you, or maybe not noticeable at all, is that I changed my website domain! it used to be and its now It is fairly easy to forget, since I’m sure most of you only type the first couple letters and hit enter (or read this from an RSS feed).

So yeah, it should now be easier to type and remember. Its quite wild compared to how much I struggled back when I started this blog, since I didn’t have any money to spare on this.

Regardless, I should be going with what I consumed this month!


Just like last time, most of the podcasts I listen to are the same, but here are some I started or discovered lately.


I didn’t read as much manga this month for multiple reasons. Including reading a text book and trying to not use my phone as much.

Movies and TV Shows



Device Usage

Since I am still not done with my internship, and my playtime on my switch, my computer usage is very low still.


I used my laptop for around 45 hours this month.


I used my phone for 200 hours, 17 less than last month, which probably transferred to my Switch…

Final thoughts

I am quite happy I managed to write just a little more this month, but I have to pretty much write one blogpost every 2 days from now if I want to finish the 100 Days To Offload challenge, it should be possible! Wish me luck

This is day 63 of #100DaysToOffload


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