My psp is back in shape

My psp has been with me since 2012, and using it to this day has always been fun. Now its back in shape, a fixed analog stick, more storage and more cool things

So I just managed to fix pretty much all the problems I had with my psp, as I’ve mentioned before, my joystick was broken, but now its fixed, and then sometime later, my charger stopped working since the cable got damaged, but now I managed to fix that too.

Finally, I am able to play the PSP library again, as well as keep playing via emulators as I had done during the previous years.

I went ahead and gave a try to one of the God of War games, and I gotta say it still looks really, really awesome. Its obviously nothing close to how the latest game looks like, but the fluidity and the gameplay is top notch console quality.

Also, the SD card I had used with my Raspberry Pi got swapped with another one that had less storage, since I didn’t have a need for a bigger one due to using an HDD to store everything.

So now I have a PSP with 64GB of storage and a big library at my disposal. I really missed playing games with the analog stick. I know its not the best stick ever designed, but I have nostalgia for it! Even if playing Monster Hunter will kill my thumb once again, I am here for it.

My psp is quite beat up at this point due to the use, I am also considering to get a new shell for it, but I am not into repairing and modding stuff myself, any advice on that would be appreciated!

This wasn’t that big of a blog to be honest, so that’s pretty much it today.

my psp


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