My first Brawl Stars challenge win

Brawl Stars is the only mobile game I play, and I finally managed to win one of its special challenges, getting a pretty decent reward

So, most of my “target demographic”, which is pretty miniscule, probably do not know or play Brawl Stars, it is a real-time multiplayer game which is sort of a simple, easy version of League of Legends, but with different game modes. There are single player modes like a Battle Royale or a 1v1 mode named Duels, that is the newest mode for this update, which just got released, as well as many other 3v3 modes such as Bounty, Gem Grab, Heist, Hot Zones or Siege that I won’t take the time to explain, but are all fun in their own way.

Every time there is a new update, they also release one or more new characters, named Brawlers, which you can unlock via Brawl Boxes or gems (their way to make money out of us, to be fair), each of them with a different skillset and way to play. Sometimes, they release a challenge, where you get a few chances to lose, and you have to win a set amount of matches. If you survive, you will get a new Brawler for free.

I’ve played the game since its global release in 2018, and I’ve never been able to win one of those challenges, some of them require 12 wins, others 15, but no matter what, I lose, the most I’ve got before were 7 wins.

Well, yesterday was different. A friend and my sister, which are younger than I am, decided to team up and try to beat the challenge together. It was exciting, but I was worried they would made some mistake, since they are less experienced than me. But since the challenge had been going on for 2 days already, this was our last chance to participate in it, so we decided to do our best.

My friend, fantastic ms as you you can see in the picture below, tends to ruin things at the very last chance somehow. He always celebrates too early, and end up losing. Be it on Super Tux Kart, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, or basically any game ever, this time, he was kinda doing the same, but we told him to not say a word or else he would ruin it for us all.

Sadly, we did not manage to beat it with four lives. However, you’re allowed to buy more chances with gems (1 gem for two lives), if you take into account that paying for a Brawler around 200 gems is a lot more expensive than the 2 gems we paid, we were super happy after we actually managed to get our 9th victory, and obtain a brand new Brawler to play with, completely for free!

This has been day 67 of #100DaysToOffload


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