Last semester to go

Tomorrow I'll do the last semester of my career. There is only a couple courses left, and I need to get into an internship somewhere.

Vacations are over, at last. The school week started this monday, but I only have 2 courses left. This was all good. I had to do some paperwork to be allowed to take less credits than usual, since I usually have to take at least 4 courses per semester. It was only then that I was told I should have done that a week ago. I was quite worried, and decided to go ask in person. Thankfully it was all fine despite my delay, and the rest should proceed as expected.

The two courses I have to do should be quite simple, I only know one of the teachers, and I was given a good score in the courses I had taken before with him. Sadly, I’ve been told his scoring can be quite random sometimes. I am considering to turn down the course, since I only need one course to fulfill the required credits to get my degree.

You know, I’ll do it. Its fine.

The only remaining task I have is getting an internship somewhere with a decent paycheck and that also has something to do with Mechatronics Engineering. My city is quite small and payments are nothing like in other countries and even other states in Mexico If I were to sell 5 or 6 logos per month, I would probably make more money, but nobody contacts me for any commisions 😭. To be fair, prices are super low too. The couple of bus trips I take to go and return from my campus costs like 1 USD, total.

Regardless, I wanna get some experience in the industry and see whats up. I didn’t even made any plans like previous semesters, I think this should be easy, as long as I get that internship.

This is day 17 of #100DaysToOffload


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