I (don't) want to buy games (again)

Getting games on my switch gives me a great way to play them everywhere however I want, but being unable to just put the games I already own on it is frustrating me a lot.

When this year started I had never spent more than 100 bucks total on games of any kind.

If I recall correctly I bought a couple games on my phone, maybe a season pass once. And a couple years ago I bought Cross Code, Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight. I still don’t finish any of the games I’ve bought somehow, adult life is a sad little thing.

Of course, I also have an Epic Games account with a bunch of games, such as Celeste, The Batman trilogy, the Tomb Raider Trilogy, the Bioshock trilogy, and tons of other games I’ve acquired over the years for free. I don’t think I actually own any of the games in there but I can play them at least.

Whatever, since I got my Switch, I discovered and rediscovered a bunch of games that I want. But I also found myself wishing to just, play the games I already own on my Switch.

Seriously, I wanna play Hollow Knight, I paid the price on Steam, why can’t I have it on my Switch? Why does the world have to be like this??

At the very least, why can’t I drag and drop (or cp) my savedata from my computer to my Switch’s filesystem?

Paying the same thing multiple times just because is so annoying. Sure if it takes some effort to port a game ask for payment, but if your engine can just export to whatever format you want, why.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many games that offer a DRM free copy for it—some even add a Steam key—for just a few bucks. But that doesn’t solve the issue of running them on my Switch, or any other console.

I am probably just going to buy the games I want again—and not complete them for another year maybe— but I’ll be very upset about it. 😤

I am really considering to just get my OLED model chipped and call it a day, get whatever I desire on it, it would be so liberating and fun.

Maybe I’ll get a Steam Deck…

This is post 76 of #100DaysToOffload. Have a good rest of your day, fellow reader. 😊


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