Handwritten homework

Why do they still make me do this? I am pretty mad about this, but I guess I also understand the point

So for this new semester I have some pretty decent teachers this time around. There is nobody where I feel like they are just wasting my time or the don’t really want to be there. They all seem pretty knowledgeable and willing to help out at any moment if possible. I still have a couple who are kinda boring to listen to, at least for me, but I can still learn somewhat nonetheless

For some reason however, most of my current teachers want me to write stuff down in paper, and I guess I know the reason why. There is a lot of copying and fraud for most homework here, I admit to have done it myself so the point is that even if you are copying you are at least writing it down and having to read the words at least once. I guess its the only possible solution to a very common problem here, and I guess the rest of the world.

Personally, I don’t like it, I am not a copy-paste brainlessly kinda guy, even if my work is based on someone else’s I will type it out myself, changing the order of phrases, fixing grammar mistakes, or even correcting or reordering the steps from some mathematical equation. I even look at the sources and compare it with my own research, most of the time.

But being honest to myself, if I am actually in a rush, I am not paying attention or learning anything either way; since I am just racing against the clock to deliver whatever work I had to do for the day, so if I am already not learning, I would like to be able to use the method I prefer.

To make things worse, we are going back to classrooms next week. Me and my classmates will finally meet again and a lot of the things I took for granted will no longer be possible. I’ll have to adjust to a new routine. No more turning off the camera, no more doing homework during class, no more eating food while listening to a lecture. I won’t be able to be in my bedroom while in class, so, RIP.

I guess I have to accept it, I will have to write things down on paper again, who knows, maybe I will end up loving it or having some sort of realization or eye opening experience that makes me realize I actually do better by using the old ways of learning and taking notes on my notebooks.

Or maybe, probably, hopefully, we’ll stay again inside home due to the rise of COVID cases where I live, while people still care less and less about the whole thing anyway.

Whatever the case, for now, I don’t like writing on paper, and I don’t want to go back to classrooms during these times yet, but whatever happens, I’ll have to deal with it.

This has been day 97 of #100DaysToOffload.


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